Weddings and Special Events

If you have “Ron Kraemer & The Hurricanes” as the entertainment for your wedding or Special Occasion, you won’t get “The Chicken Dance”. But don’t despair! There are plenty of bands out there playing that and “The Hokey Pokey”, too, and you can find them on the Web.

However, if for your Special Event you’d prefer to have a cool 5-piece band that Jumps and Swings, can also slow it down for a “hug your honey”-type number, and really simmer and cook on everything in between, then we’re your band!  We’ve done many “Jump Blues and Swing” weddings, corporate events and charitable benefits, and it’s always a great time for everyone.

For rates and bookings, reach out to Ron at

or by phone 941-343-2702 -or- 609-306-5102

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